Our Review of Garrett Hand Held Metal Detectors

Welcome to DetectMetal.com. My name is Nik and I want to share the story of DetectMetal.com with you.

The Detect Metal Mission

Our mission is to provide top quality metal detectors at affordable prices with one-on-one customer service. After testing several hand held metal detectors, we chose Garrett metal detectors, and here's why:

How DetectMetal.com Was Born

DetectMetal.com is the daughter company of Vintage Log & Lumber, Inc., which specializes in antique lumber reclaimed from old houses and barns. Vintage sells this reclaimed lumber across the country, resaws antique lumber to order, and manufactures antique flooring. Before antique lumber can be sold or put through the planers for manufacturing into flooring; it has to be completely free of all metal, nails, screws, or bits of wire. Planer knives are expensive and one nail can devastate the cutter heads costing precious time and money.

Vintage also buys antique lumber from local vendors, and scans the lumber for metal as it's scaled into inventory.

Vintage trusts Garrett metal detectors for the important job of finding nails in logs and reclaimed wood. Often the vendors have asked to purchase a Garrett metal detector from Vintage as de-nailed lumber means more money in the vendors pocket.

At first, Vintage put Garrett Metal Detectors on the Vintage Log & Lumber website and began to sell them across the world. Because the president of the company wanted to focus on antique wood, he suggested a website dedicated to the Garrett metal detectors, and thus DetectMetal.com was born.

Why a Garrett Metal Detector?

Vintage Log & Lumber did not start with Garrett Metal Detectors, but that's where they stopped, because the Garrett hand held Super Scanner and Garrett Superwand metal detectors provided all the features and reliability needed to get the job done right.

Garretts are ultra sensitive, so important to ensure sending wood to the customer nail free; and even more so when putting wood into the planers to be turned into flooring. Vintage's favorite is the Garrett SuperWand because the tip is small and helps to more accurately find bits of metal, even buried deep inside a beam. This is crucual as each bit of metal must be removed, in effect dug out of the wood. Pinpointing helps to minimize the damage done to the precious wood.

Garrett metal detectors are lightweight, a fact that denailers and scalers can appreciate after processing several thousand board feet of lumber!

Garrett hand held metal detectors are tough, a big help in the rough and tumble lumber yard, and when it does come time to replace the Garrett that is seriously damaged, they are affordable.

Vintage Log & Lumber trusts only Garrett metal detectors for their metal detecting needs. So can you!