Find Nail and Metal in logs

Save Time and Money by Scanning Lumber and Logs

Use and industrial metal detector to protect saws and blades and personnel by scanning logs and beams for nails before resawing. Handheld metal detectors can help you locate nails, metal debris and barbed wire in fenceline trees or reclaimed lumber. We recommend the Garrett hand held metal detector. Here's our review of Garrett Hand Held Metal Detectors.

It only takes one hidden nail to destroy a blade and waste valuable time and money. Mill downtime, excess saw maintenance, and missed delivery schedules all make hitting metal in timber very expensive. The best answer to these costly probems is metal detecting before sawing.

Antique and Reclaimed Lumber

Customers want denailed lumber. Denailing can be fast and reliable with the right metal detector. Handheld metal detectors can help you:

Save time and money by denailing logs before sawing.

Save on Time and Maintenance

Detect and remove nails and metal hardware in logs and fenceline trees. Check all timber before resawing or before delivering to your customers. Detect nails, hinges, staples and metal in logs, timber and wood before it can cause damage to expensive equipment. Many of our customers have saved countless hours of expensive down time and hundreds of dollars on damaged equipment.